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A powerful cream, with a unique complex, works to instantly tighten and smooth the sensitive skin around the eyes. Boosted with the finest elements from the Dead Sea this cream effectively diminishes the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, resulting in eyes looking youthfully radiant.
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Gently tap a small amount of the product with your ring finger over dry and thoroughly cleansed skin; make sure there are no traces of moisturizer, makeup or any other oily residues. Application should be performed directly to the under-eye area where puffiness, eye bags and fine lines are located. Avoid any contact with the eyes. Do not rub and do not massage the cream. Allow the active ingredients to work for 5-8 minutes, during the wait keep your face without any facial expressions. Pay careful attention to use a small amount of the product because if you use too much it can leave residue from the cream and minimize the results. Do not rinse off and avoid the use of any liquid skin care products/ makeup, use only powder based products.